Become an ePioneer!

Avoid complicated paperwork and long queueing time. No matter if paper-forms are to be digitized or Taxfree transactions are already fully digital. Digital stands for fast, secure and transparent. Benefit from new possibilities and join our journey to the future of Taxfree Shopping.

eValidation Austria is your future of Taxfree Shopping!


What makes our platform different from previous systems?

Long queueing-time at borders and complicated paperwork is history! Regardless if paper-forms are digitized or Taxfree transactions are already digitally issued – as tourist you receive your customs validation faster, secure and uncomplicated. With our APP you will be informed prior departure if you need to go to customs for an inspection process or if you can pass without physical inspection by customs with a positive validation and board your plane or cross the border.

The system can be used even without the APP. Once digitized, any of your Taxfree transactions will be linked to your account. No more lost forms or missing information!

The new validation platform will change the Taxfree process forever. While you were forced to carry paper with you, use specific Taxfree operators and run through complicated procedures we open up a completely new possibility to benefit from the digital process.

Taxfree providers will get validation results digitally and in real-time to service their customers better and faster. Regardless if the refund is processed on a credit card, bank account or via Taxfree refund operators – everything is possible! If tourists and retail-merchants wish to, refunds can be processed in the store when tourists return for the next purchase.

As retail-merchant you have always full visibility on every Taxfree transaction status. Regardless if issued, validated or refunded – you can access all information in real-time and transfer completed exports from Taxfree sales immediately into your accounting system.

By using the platform, customs configure risk-profiles to focus on risk items, travellers or retail-merchants. Consequently, less but better qualified inspection procedures will lead to a lower workload of customs staff and cut down queuing time in the most efficient way.

The use of the digital platform will increase quality of service in the entire process of Taxfree for any stakeholder. For tourists it will become easier and more comfortable, for customs more transparent, for retail-merchants faster and more secure and for Taxfree Providers it opens new ways of serving their customers.

The new digital platform will also enable alternative business models for retail-merchants and Taxfree providers. Highest quality of data in real-time will allow creative thinking and deploy new concepts and ideas into the market.

The brand-new APP

Coming soon!

With our new APP you become a pioneer and a step ahead of everyone. Capture your personal data and relevant information for Taxfree Shopping in real-time. All transactions are automatically securely saved without missing or wrong information and can be accessed in real-time. You have full transparency on your transactions at any time.

By analyzing your location data, you will always get the most relevant information to follow the fastest and easiest steps for a successful completion of your Taxfree purchases. You will find service points downtown or exit points at airports easily.

The APP will provide information like:

- Where can I digitize my paper form that I got before I downloaded the APP?
- Which is the fastest way to the Export-Validation-Counter?
- Where can I get my refund?

Become an ePioneer and contact us for further information or using our innovative technology. What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?